Vanessa Health | Hemp oil

We manufacture one of the worlds finest whole plant hemp oil

Australia’s most advanced pharmaceutical grade, organically grown Hemp Extract that combines unsurpassed quality with a personal touch.

"Connecting people and plants for the purpose of healing"

Every product we manufacture is 3rd party lab tested and certified free of residual solvents, heavy metals, toxins and microbiological contaminants

Developed as nature intended; whole, pure and packed with positivity. The perfect symbiotic relationship between Science, Nature, and Spirit. Your health and wellness journey begins here.

Most popular products

Vanessa Inner Balance Starter

Perfect if you are looking for a gentle yet powerful introduction to whole plant hemp extract or as a daily boost to your system. With 500mg per 30ml bottle, this full spectrum Hemp extract may help reduce anxiety and restore balance to your body.


Vanessa Hemp Oil Advanced

Advanced whole plant Hemp extract is especially designed with a more profound therapeutic effect in mind. With 2000mg per 30 ml bottle, this product is perfect for the experienced user or those wanting to reduce the amount they take every day.


About our Hemp Oil

100% Organic

Free of residual solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mildew and other harmful toxins, We combine the gift of nature, proprietary processing to bring you the broadest range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavinoids ensuring the efficacy and quality of our products.

Premium Quality

Vanessa Oils employs a team of highly skilled scientists with experience in the pharmaceutical, neutraceutical and cosmetics industries, specialising in super critical and subcritical CO2 extraction, refinement and purification, we offer the highest quality therapeutic grade hemp products.

Vegan Friendly

Our rich whole plant hemp oil is not only GMP certified but its also completely vegan and gluten free, utilising only the purest MCT carrier oil. Vanessa Oils are toxin free and safe to use.


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I am so grateful for this balm. I used it for the first time at night and immediately eliminated my pain and I slept through the night. Cannot be without this so I ordered another. Thank you Vanessa
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Our youngest daughter has been using Vanessa’s Advanced Hemp oil for the last 5 months and it has had a huge impact on her anxiety. We are so thankful that we found Vanessa, her amazing oil and that we could give our daughter a natural alternative instead of going down the route of medication.
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I love the hemp balm, I broke my toe a few weeks ago. Bruised and sore and not feeling like it was getting better. This cream has really helped the pain, swelling and bruising.
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After 7 days of use I noticed: 1. A subtle calming effect. 2. A slight decrease in caffeine sensitivity.3. Easier to focus on my body during meditation- maybe due to#1 4. A huge reduction in pain around my T12 I would say apron 50%
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Hey Vanessa I hope you don’t mind but your concoction is soooo yummy! I put it in a shot glass and wammo. Gone. Im joking of course but seriously it is sooo tasty. Awesome.
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So amazing lil dog Missy moo who has been on your Advanced oil for Cushings just got tested and the vets are very confused. Her bloods and levels are now the same as a healthy dog :)) Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product available. Xox

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