Arthritis and CBD…does it work?

Arthritis pain is as bad as it sounds. If you have any type of arthritis or know someone who does, then you’re most likely familiar with the harrowing pain and stiffness that comes with it. Well, this article will help you understand what arthritis is, the types and common causes as well as an exciting new alternative treatment for arthritis.  Read more

Biggest sale of the year

We have some exciting news!
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The recent response to our BOXING DAY SALE has made it really clear that price is sooo important and customers are not only eager to access high quality product for themselves but also their loved ones!

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You are what you believe…5 Simple steps to healthier thoughts

It is imperative we become more aware of our negative programming if we want to experience more health and happiness in our lives.

Over many months and years life has demonstrated to me the importance of not only WHAT we think…but HOW and WHY we think.

Do we allow our minds to run impulsively and unchecked? Blindly accepting what we tell ourselves purely because we have been thinking the same thing for so long?

If thats you (even sometimes), now’s the perfect time to reassess whats working for you…and what’s NOT. Read more

Male and Female plants

It sounds strange. It sounds too human. But yes, cannabis plants have two sexes. Marijuana is from both Venus and Mars, as the old saying goes.

Many people already have a vague idea that plants are hermaphrodites, and most are. Flowering plants produce both pollen and egg cells, while insects act as cupid couriers, bringing the ‘sperm’ of one flower to the ovum of another.

But cannabis isn’t most plants. Along with the likes of ginkgo, willow, and kiwi, cannabis is one of the few species split into pollen- and bud-producing varieties, or in laymen terms, males and females.

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