A symptom is our body saying “CHANGE SOMETHING QUICK”…🌱💪

A symptom is your bodies “Last Resort”…😖😔😷

If you are experiencing a negative symptom or side effect, be it mild or severe, it is highly likely that the imbalance has been there much longer than you think!

Our bodies are incredible at compensating for deficiencies and injuries but they can only stretch and bend so far…

The ECS is complex and so is the solution to our health challenges…

It may be complex…but its also EASY because our bodies do most of the work!😅

What functions does our ECS influence?

Research from trusted sources has linked our Endocannabinoid System to the following processes:

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The ultimate guide to THC-9

The Ultimate Guide to THC9

This is the first post in a series exploring the specific compounds found only in the highest quality hemp oils available. We’ll explore what makes these compounds unique and the benefits each can have for your self-healing journey.

Today, I’ll introduce you to THC 9 and give you all the info you need to fight the stigma around one of mother nature’s most incredible compounds.

Ready to get stuck in?

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Introduction to Topical Hemp Products

A very interesting and effective way to use Whole plant Hemp is to apply it topically (on the skin).Our skin is home to literally thousands of CB2 receptors. When we find inflammation or pain associated with our skin and underlying joints and muscle, we also find a higher concentration of CB2 receptors…ready to receive either endocannabinoids (already present in our bodies) or exocannabinoids…(the type you receive by ingesting or applying Whole plant hemp products). It’s a match made in heaven!…as nature intended.

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