Hemp Oil V’s IBS

Hemp oil extract for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

(IBS) is an ever-increasing problem often changing in its severity

from an uncomfortable or painful condition to an outright debilitating one.

It generally falls into three different types:
1. A painful condition with discomfort in the abdominal region, where diarrhoea and constipation alternate
2. A recurrent, often pain-free, diarrheal condition
3. Chronic constipation with frequent discomfort.

If you can relate to any of the above…I’ve got some good news for you!

I could string of long combination of scientific words and references here but seriously, who wants to wade through the jargon?

I’ll keep it simple:

It is generally accepted that IBS is an inflammatory issue.
Although school is still out on what causes it in the first place. What we do know is that there are a range of triggers that seem to accentuate the symptoms such as stress and anxiety and some foods like coffee, dairy, wheat and corn.

We are unlikely to go through life completely avoiding these things (we couldn’t even if we wanted to)

This is where CBD oil in conjunction with our endocannabinoid system go to work.

Some of the known benefits of CBD on our digestive system:

Analgesic – (pain relieving)
Antispasmodic – (lowers muscle spasms)
Anti-inflammatory – (reduces inflammation of the bowl and stomach lining)
An anti-emetic – (preventing vomiting)
Anti-anxiolytic – (reduces anxiety)
Immunomodulator – (modulates the immune system)
Motility regulator – (Improves movement of food through the digestive tract)

Some scientists, including the neurologist Ethan Russo believe that IBS results from a lack of endocannabinoids.

There are many case studies to draw on where the patients experiences dramatic decrease in symptoms and while doses will vary from person to person.
An example of an effective regime to treat IBS is:

During a flare up: 10 mg of CBD in the morning and 10mg of CBD in the evening
Regular daily dose: 10mg of CBD in the morning and 5mg of CBD in the evening

It is important to note that while CBD may improve symptoms of IBS it is not a cure. There are also many lifestyle factors to consider.

Eating a healthy diet and including self-care into your daily routine is extremely important for best results.

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