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Vanessa’s Story

My journey to wellness
  • My name is Vanessa, and this is my story.

    Due to strict regulations around the importation and supply of Hemp based products in Australia, my initial attempts to provide quality, high concentration products to the Australian market place were restricted.

    Archaic regulations and our government’s agenda to monopolise the industry meant that at every turn I encountered a “you can’t do that” or “you can’t say that”. My clients from all over the world were desperately seeking alternatives for ineffective pharmaceuticals or dealing with terrible side effects… I knew I HAD to find a way.

    With recent changes in US regulations and an increase in awareness and education, it made sense to me to focus on what I CAN do. The result was to utilise the growing market in America to produce and supply the best possible product I could source. Distributing from the USA within the USA was going to be the first step to increasing access to trusted, tested and most importantly, natural oil – world wide.

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  • True Health and Wellness

    It is my mission to enable every person on the planet to have open access to the benefits of Hemp and empower them to take control of their own healing journey…no matter where they live!

    I am an advocate for natural health and the symbiotic relationship we enjoy with our environment. We have the opportunity to utilise many methods of achieving and maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit through the use of plant medicines, increased conciousness, and the power of connection and energy flow. Much of which we have been shielded from by big Pharma and our governments that seem to be in the “illness business” instead of the “wellness business”.

    I believe we have an innate ability to live a healthy, harmonious life…it is how it is meant to be. The illusion that pain and struggle are necessary is a belief that holds us as a society in a repeating pattern of “dis-ease” and conflict.

    It is time that we return to the knowing that we have the power within us and around us to enjoy the health and vitality that is our birthright.