Terpenes – what do they do?


Have you ever walked deep into the Australian bush or in amongst a pine plantation?

If you close your eyes, can you still smell the earthy scent? How did it make you feel?

Calm… Relaxed…or maybe invigorated?

Well that can be attributed in part to Terpenes!

There are many ways of incorporating Terpenes into our lives, like going into nature or even just smelling a lemon (Limonene).

Interestingly, our brains don’t know the difference between a memory or reality…and I for one can still smell the pine needles at a picnic with my grandparents as a child. This is a powerful way to further incorporate terpenes into your day. Just imagine….

I could talk about the benefits of being in nature and our brain-body connection all day but how does this all relate to Hemp?

Terpenes in HEMP

As I’ve talked about above, the distinctive aroma of HEMP is a result of the presence of Terpenes.

There are over 200 different terpenes in Hemp plants, though not all are present in high enough quantities to be considered ‘therapeutic’. However, even in small quantities they contribute their unique characteristics that seem to work synergistically with the cannabis plant and are believed to increase it’s overall effectiveness..

Terpenes are secondary metabolite (an organic compound that is not directly involved in the normal growth or reproduction of the plant) that are found across the plant kingdom which have a range of therapeutic actions.

This chart looks at a number of therapeutic terpenes that are present in significant quantities in Hemp plants.

It is very likely that terpenes can act in synergistically.


In short, Terpenes are well worth being aware of, both in medicinal products and in our environment. Maybe next time, pause for a moment and consciously feel the effects of nature…right under your nose.

Vanessa Health whole plant extract contains over 500 botanical compounds including terpenes.

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