The best time to take Hemp oil

Hemp oil dosing

When is the best time to take Hemp Derived CBD oil?

When starting out:

Starting with a minimum dose both morning and night is recommended.

For acute symptom relief :

Hemp oil should be taken approximately every 3 hours.

For ongoing maintenance:

You may feel that once a day suits you better.

For Sleep

If you are using Hemp oil to improve your sleep, your night time dose should be taken 30-40 minutes before bed time.

It is best to use the oil on an empty stomach to avoid the oil being broken down by stomach acids during digestion.


You are unique and your dose should be too!

Every one is different and so its important to listen to your own body and use the oil accordingly.

Hemp derived oil has been winterised (heated) which is known for having a more calming effect on your nervous system and is therefore perfect for aiding sleep.

Cannabidiol has biphasic properties, meaning that taking a high dose and taking a low dose can provide different results.

Ie: a small dose may increase alertness and a large dose may promote a feeling of relaxation or sleepiness.

You are unique and so your dosage should be too!!


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