You are what you believe…5 Simple steps to healthier thoughts

It is imperative we become more aware of our negative programming if we want to experience more health and happiness in our lives.

Over many months and years life has demonstrated to me the importance of not only WHAT we think…but HOW and WHY we think.

Do we allow our minds to run impulsively and unchecked? Blindly accepting what we tell ourselves purely because we have been thinking the same thing for so long?

If thats you (even sometimes), now’s the perfect time to reassess whats working for you…and what’s NOT.

What is a belief?

A belief is simply a thought we continue to think…over and over. (basically, it’s an automatic program we run when certain environmental criteria is met)

The process of creating a new belief (or program) is core-shakingly simple.

Our brains want to convince us it is hard because its primary function is to keep us where we are, a result of our previous experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Which makes sense because the primary function of the EGO is to protect us emotionally and physically. The best way to ‘protect’ us is to rely purely on the data that we have stored without introducing anything that will question the validity of that data.

After all, not only does that minimise “risky behaviour” it also minimises our need to question the truth of what we have previously believed and therefore our capacity for growth…and so the stagnant loop continues.


Why is reassessing our beliefs important?

The flip side to this is that our EGO has some HUGE competition. Some call it our “higher selves” our “soul” “the God within”, the name isn’t as important as the feeling it inspires and that feeling …. FEELS like is HOPE.

This conflict between our EGO and HOPE can literally shake us to our core.

It is actually this dysfunctional relationship that causes the majority of the suffering we endure in our physical and emotional bodies. We can always tell in which direction we are leaning by the way we feel.

Hope has the potential to deconstruct what we think we know about ourselves…our relationships, our feelings and actions, as one simple…unsuspecting thread begins to get pulled and the sleeve of our existence begins to unravel.

The comforting part is that your psyche will never challenge itself to a degree your conscious mind can’t handle. In fact, the feeling of challenge is actually your ego resisting change.

ALL of the psychological and physical diss-eases of today are a direct result of our resistance to these questions and the emotions that accompany them.

We are conditioned to think there is something wrong with us if we feel negative emotion. So we avoid it, suppress it, judge it (in ourselves and others) deflect it and ultimately make ourselves sick with it.

So… how is that working out for you?

The simple truth is that there are many ways of creating new beliefs that support our growth and healing and this topic will be the subject of many of my shares with you over the coming weeks and months.


How do I change a belief?

First of all we need to bring into your conscious awareness what it is that we actually believe!

Sounds logical huh?

Often we skim over the surface and react to situations without really knowing why. Try asking yourself “What is the belief I have that means that I think that or behave that way”?

This is a pandoras box but a box that simply MUST be opened to start the journey back to your authentic self and a happier and healthier future for you and those you love.

Often, when a belief is subconscious the origin of that belief is not within you but simply something someone has told you, yelled at you or made you feel in your past.

It may shock you to understand that your beliefs aren’t even yours! They have been borrowed or “gifted” to you from well-meaning (or not) people throughout your life.

Once we are aware of the belief that no longer helps us move toward what we want we can choose again and consciously create a belief that feels better.

Our emotions are crucial for feeling and finding our way towards more happiness and health and so I am excited to be able to create some opportunities to help you become aware of your subconscious beliefs to become more empowered and aware of your own worthiness, self-love and inner compassion

That doesn’t mean that we can go straight from unworthiness to worthiness…like everything in life it is a journey and every step, big or small is to be felt and celebrated.

Similarly, our bodies go through the exact same journey…” As above, so below…as within so without”.


Our bodies are a physical representation of how we feel about ourselves.

This might be a hard thing for some of us to hear but the reality is that this concept (or belief) is one that can empower you to take back personal control of your health and happiness to the ONE PERSON that can ensure your success….YOU.

It’s not about where you start on this journey or indeed how far you get… It’s that you make the decision START at all.

I invite you to take some time out for yourself to really explore some of your core beliefs around your happiness and health:

Exercise 1 (Allow 10 minutes)


Make a list of things you believe. Write down as many as you can without thinking too hard about it. Get as many down as you can.


When you have your list, go through, and write down who or where that belief came from. (When I first did this exercise, I was amazed I could write down specific names for every single one)!


Go through this list as see how each one makes you feel.


Identify a minimum of 2 core beliefs that you no longer want to believe and consciously make the decision to think something different.


Write these new (better feeling) beliefs down and put them somewhere you will see them every day…as many times a day as possible, speak about them out loud and share them in the thread below!


Your old beliefs have had years of reaffirmation through your words, thoughts and actions. Potentially the old program has been run millions of times and has created some very strong neural pathways. so don’t judge yourself too harshly if they don’t just transform in a day or a week… it can take time and commitment to change these very fundamental and transformative beliefs!

REMEMBER…Repetition is key.


Find creative ways to communicate and exercise your new empowered beliefs as often as you can!

  1. Save them as your screen saver
  2. Record your voice saying them and play it to yourself before you go to sleep
  3. Find an action or ritual you can attach this positive belief to and do it every day
  4. Flick your wrist with an elastic band if you find yourself repeating old beliefs and immediately replace the thought with your new, better-feeling thought
  5. Write them on your bathroom mirror and say them out loud to yourself every morning


You have everything you need inside you right now to make this choice for yourself, it only requires you to hold firm to your feeling of hope and your inner knowing that you have the power to change your health and happiness for the better.


What belief do you most want to change?


Only Love ~XV

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